Parental Leave

You might’ve heard that there’s going to be some changes at SYBO

SYBO has a new parental leave policy! You might’ve heard that the Danish government has changed its legislation about parental leave.

At SYBO we want to do even better!

So if you’re thinking about starting a family or you’re waiting to welcome your bundle of joy. We promise to take care of you AND your future family.

What does SYBO do differently?

The Danish government has changed the legislation about parental leave to make it more equal between parents. We’re all for it! Equality is a huge part of what makes SYBO so special. However, we feel that we can do even better:

• SYBO gives the birthing mother up to 28 weeks leave at full-pay instead of the usual 14 weeks, and co-parents up to 24 weeks.
• SYBO gives you the same rights if you’re adopting as if you were biological parents.
• SYBO gives the same rights to all parents after birth, regardless of your gender and sexual orientation.
• SYBO gives you 1-months full pay for working just 30 hours per week in extension of your leave.

SYBO Gives Me 24 Weeks Parental Leave?!

That’s right!

According to the new Danish legislation, both parents are entitled to 14 weeks parental leave at full pay. For the mother, this starts 4 weeks before the due date, 2 weeks immediately after and an additional 9 weeks. For the father or co-parent they get 2 weeks immediately after the birth and another 9 weeks. After that, you need to apply for “dagpenge”.

SYBO wants to do even better!

With SYBO both parents are able to take 24 weeks parental leave at FULL PAY. We call it the 24-24 model and we’re excited to offer it to all of our future parents.

Take a look at our 24-24 model 👇

But what if I’m adopting?!

You’re adopting? Congratulations!

SYBO would love nothing more than to support you on your adventure as a new parent. In the new legislation adoptive parents will get the same 24 weeks parental leave. But only 10 weeks on full-pay.

Not at SYBO.

We give every adoptive parent the exact same rights as biological parents. So you get:

• 24 weeks parental leave at full pay
• 1 months full pay for working 30 hours per week

Welcome your child to the family the SYBO way!

What If I’m in a Two-Father Relationship?!

Unfortunately the Danish government doesn’t provide the same rights to two-father families as it does to others.

Not at SYBO. We believe in equality for all! That’s why ALL parents will receive exactly the same parental leave regardless of who you choose to start a family with.

Love deserves our respect, we’re prepared to show it.

So I Work 30 Hours a Week and Get Paid for 37 hours?!

Starting back at work after parental leave can be a big step!

The sleepless nights, the early mornings. We understand this completely. We want to make sure that you get the best possible start to work at SYBO as a parent. That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to return to work for your first month working just 30 hours per week but with full pay!

So more time to spend with your little bundle of joy!

Got it!

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