New Leads Training

This summer saw the launch of SYBO’s very first New Leads Workshop!

Many companies immediately look to hire from outside when they need a new Lead in the team. Not SYBO. That's not how we do things. We always look to our own SYBOnians first. After all they were a part of making SYBO great in the first place right?

Our SYBOnians won’t have to worry about that now. We have the New Leads Training programme (or NLT for short!).

So What Is The New Leads Training?

What's a “New Leads Training” you ask?

SYBO is very proud that we have a rich tradition of promoting from within our own ranks. In fact, in 2022 alone we promoted 8 of our SYBOnians to lead positions. We wanted to make sure that these new leads got the best possible start to life in their new roles. So we created the New Leads Training to give them all the tools they need to be the best lead that they can be. Most companies when they look for a new lead will hire from outside. This isn’t the SYBO way.

We believe that by promoting from within we are able to keep the amazing SYBO culture that is so close to our hearts. Still, it can be a difficult transition moving into a lead role, so we want to give all new leads a helping hand. That’s when Anne, our Chief People Officer, had an idea! 💡

How did it get started?

Our CPO Anne Schnack Hansen was the driving force behind the NLT programme.

She dreamed of one day all of our training carried out by our very own SYBOnians. And what better way to start than with our new leads? With help from our HR Team Advisor, Caroline and Adopto’s Learning and Development consultant Signe, they started working on an awesome training programme that would educate our new leads whilst, at the same time, keeping our SYBO culture intact.

Here’s what they came up with…

What Do You Do In the NLT Programme?

The New Leads Training programme is split into 5 full-day workshops.

Each workshop has a specific theme, where the new lead will explore a different aspect of what makes a great leader here at SYBO.

Workshop #1 – The first workshop gives all of our new leads the foundations they’ll need for their new role.
Workshop #2 – Our new leads will learn all about how they can create a supportive work environment and an engaged team built on a foundation of trust and transparency.
Workshop #3 – The new leads learn about how to spot potential in a person, because it’s not just who you are now that matters, it’s who you can become. They’ll learn how to support their team in achieving their potential.
Workshop #4 – The new leads will learn all about how to level up their team. They’ll learn about SYBO’s career and development framework and how they can support their team to unlock their potential and help them evolve to become the best SYBOnian they can be.
Workshop #5 – In the final workshop, the new leads will focus on how they can apply the knowledge they’ve learned to their new roles as leads and create new leads to support each other and be the best leads they can.

And with that, they're ready to start their new lives as new leads at SYBO!

What does the future hold?

We’re proud to announce that the New Leads Training has been a huge success so far!

Our first class of new leads will be graduating in June 2023. Wish them luck! And guess what? This is just the beginning! We have HUGE plans for the future. Not only do we plan to enroll more new leads in July but we are planning to roll out a Leads Essential training and a Lead of Leads training.

We’re delighted to support our SYBOnians as they build their career at SYBO!

Got it!

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