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Next stop on the Subway Surfers World tour PARIS!

The Subway Surfers world tour takes us back to Europa to visit Paris the city of love. In Paris Jake hooks ups with the newest member of the Subway Surfers crew the amazing mime Coco and along with Coco comes a brand new hoverboard. The new Subway Surfers update also gives us some cool new […]

Subway Surfers downloaded 200.000.000 times

Subway Surfers have reached 200.000.000 downloads and is still counting. Subway Surfers have been out for about a year now and have been an ever growing success with more than 6 fresh updates that takes us around the world. With the Subway Surfers World Tour the game have managed to stay fun and exciting. We […]

The Subway Surfers world tour takes us to Miami

The next stop on the Subway Surfers world tour is Miami city where you can enjoy new amazing content. Hunt down the pesky flamingos and collect special Subway Surfers rewards. It’s also time to reveal the newest member of the Subway Surfer crew, Nick. Along with Nick we would also like to introduce the brand […]

All Train Tracks Lead To Rome In Subway Surfers’ New Content Update

BY ALDRIN CALIMLIM on Thu February 28th, 2013 LINK Subway Surfers, which is my favorite endless running game bar none, has just pulled up at a new stop in its ongoing World Tour. And this particular stop is nothing but magnifico. After taking us to the New York City Subway and treating us to the […]

Unity Awards nominates Danish games

by Thomas Berger Tuesday, July 31st 2012 LINK When the 2012 Unity Awards are handed out on august 23rd the two Danish games Subway Surfers and Back to Bed are amongst the finalist. Most prominently the free to play game Subway Surfers coproduced by SYBO Games and Kiloo Games is nominated in the Community Choice […]

Lords of the Underground

SYBO Games and Kiloo Games collaborate on iOS endless runner, Subway Surfers Published: September 19 2012 LINK One this year’s runaway iOS hits, Subway Surfers has taken off since its release earlier this summer. At its core an endless runner that plays like Temple Run, Subway Surfers adds some crucial twists that help it stand […]

With 5 titles in co-production and Subway Surfers hitting 25 million DAUs, Kiloo shapes to become global hit factory New approach for multiple success?

by Jon Jordan LINK Temple Run may have been making the headlines over the past 12 months, but it’s not the only endless runner that’s been dashing up the charts. If you haven’t read much about Subway Surfers, though, that’s because Danish developer Kiloo Games has been keeping its lips sealed. Still, before we get too deep […]

Subway Surfers pulls in 130 million users and keeps them there

by Brandy Shaul LINK When Subway Surfers launched last year, we praised the game for being an excellent endless runner that arguably tops even the biggest name in the genre: Temple Run. It looks like millions of other player agree with us, as the game has been downloaded over 130 million times across iOS and […]

Subway Surfers creator explains why co-development is key in mobile games

Jeffrey Grubb March 6, 2013 11:30 AM LINK The mobile-development scene is beginning to settle. Once a lawless frontier for wild developers with crazy ideas, it is now just as common to see familiar names like Disney, Electronic Arts, and Activision ruling the top 10 games on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Smaller studios […]